ACT Skilled Migration Program closed to overseas applicants until July 2017

Effective 14 September 2016, if you are living overseas you cannot apply for ACT nomination of a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa until July 2017. 

Canberra residents

This action does not affect Canberra based applicants. You are still able to apply for ACT nomination if you meet the nomination criteria.

Streamlined PhD nominations

This action does not affect ACT PhD alumni living overseas. You are still able to apply for steamlined nomination if you meet the nomination criteria. Email for advice on how to lodge the online application. 

ACT Occupation List will be updated in July 2017

The demand for ACT occupations will be reassessed in July 2017. The updated ACT Occupation List will be published when the ACT Migration Program reopens to overseas applicants in July 2017. 

English language courses

Two female students

Studying English in Canberra will allow you to immerse yourself in Australia's culture and improve your English language skills by interacting with native speakers in everyday life.

Several institutions in Canberra offer flexible options for international students to learn English, ranging from basic to advanced levels.

The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) offers a range of courses for learning English that incorporate writing, listening and speaking skills.

The ANU College and UC English Language Institute provide English language preparation and direct entry pathways to their respective universities along with preparation for IELTS exams. A number of private registered training organisations also offer studies across Canberra.

Find a course

To find an English language course to suit you, simply visit the websites below or use the Australian Governments official website, Study in Australia.